Just one half day left of my seminar.

Just one half day left of my seminar.

Just one half day left of my seminar. I can hardly await this point to be over as well as I can leave this community for some time.


One enjoyable story to share. While I remained in the men’s area today, I took my placement at the urinal. As I was executing conventional urinal treatment, I observed out of the edge of my eye a guy talking with another man concerning 5 urninals down. He stood right beside the man, and began talking while clearing the storage tank. It was obvious they had a solid business connection.


As they exchanged greetings the man in mid-pee reached over and also trembled the other man’s hand! WHOA! TIMEOUT! 3 primary regulations of common males space treatment had been broken!


  1. Failure to utlize the inbetween urninal. If there are a bank of pee stalls, be kind and setting yourself a minimum of one urninal from your other urniner.


  1. Direct Eye Get In Touch With. Never ever, I suggest never make eye contact with a fellow uriner. You have actually already established a male bond by proxy since you pee standing. Eyes front, cowboy.


  1. Hand to hand get in touch with in mid treatment. NO! needs to that guy have put his had out in a kindly handshaky gesture, I would certainly have informed him, (as well as you should also), “Sorry, sir, yet round these components we practice a little bit of hand sanatizing. Wash em up good, with soap, completely dry em off, then we can shake.” I know I maintain my no-no area in a mighty fine and tidy problem, however I don’t understand about my fellow man.


I wish this has actually been an important refresher course in men bathroom behavior.

Author: Kathryn Andrews